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Pictures from our recent project undertaken in February 2021.  Our customer had an extension built and needed two flights of stairs, two landings, two bathrooms, three bedrooms and a hallway decorated. Below you can see some before and after pictures to get an idea of the quality we work to.

The preparation work we undertake ensures the final results meet our standards . Within each room we applied a knotting solution to all the new woodwork to protect the paint and make sure the knots in the wood do not stain through. We filled in any holes created by the builders and then sanded these down for a flat surface. We applied a mist coat to all walls and ceilings due to the new plaster to safeguard the final layer of paint.

Once the preparation work was carried out we then painted all the walls and ceilings with two coats in a supermatt white emulsion from Dulux. This is a special paint that allows the walls and ceilings to breath due to the new plaster as you ned to allow for movement over the first year. For the two feature walls we used paint from the Valspar 700 range. and then applied two coats of satinwood to all the wood work.